2003 cobra pulley diagramGenka Kunahito is the daughter of Mae Kunahito and the Guidance Counselor at Akademi High School. She is a faculty member in Yandere Simulator. When Ayano Aishi misbehaves in front of a teacher or student council member, she is taken to the Counselor's Office. When first implemented, Genka wore a black dress with a very low neckline, revealing her cleavage, and her pantyhose underneath her ...How do you unlock a metro phoneStudent X teacher / smut / fluff / lemon? Fanfiction. You'd been lagging behind in classes, and your teacher Mr Hale had offered you private tutoring. You'd been going for a few weeks and formed a fast friendship. But what happens when Courtney gets involved? #fluffy #student #teacher #teachme #tutoring